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Oswal Knit offers a range of premium woolen knitwear and clothing through “Gadoni” and “Casablanca” lines. As the sole licencee of international brand “Gadoni” it manufactures top-of-the-line Woolen Knitwear, T-shirts, Shirts, Trousers, Jackets and Accessories to complement the life-style of the crème-de-la-crème segment. Its home-grown brand 'Casablanca' offers winter wear to the customer in the mid and upper mid-price segment and gives the company, presence across all major price segments. A strategic tie-up with an Italian Design Studio ensures that Oswal Knit has access to the latest international designs, trends and styles which gets translated into a line of high fashion contemporary clothing for the Indian consumer. To ensure quality of the highest order, raw materials are sourced from the topmost Italian manufacturers and the technology is replenished and updated from time to time to ensure that it has the requisite cutting edge.
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