MIL Technology
Malwa's premier denim plant in India and its facilities across Jordan & Italy are state-of-the-art units equipped with the latest machines from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan & the US. These include:

Morrisons of USA for Rope-Dyeing & Finishing,
Zinser Ring-frames from Germany for Spinning,
Picanols (from Belgium) and Sulzers (from Switzerland) for Weaving
VI Be Mac, Juki, Pegasus & Brother for Garment manufacturing and the world famous Tonellos from Italy for Garment Washing
(which also make Malwa the finest denim washing facility in India)
The most advanced CAD system from Gerber & Lectra, that helps keep production costs low that eventually gets passed down to its customers.
With state-of-the-art technology such as this, Malwa is able to consistently maintain high productivity and quality levels
Malwa continuously strives to upgrade our technology according to the latest trends in the
denim industry. As a result of it now has the latest technological addition in the development, 
processing and finishing of our denim fabrics:
Organic Denim is made of organically grown cotton. Organic cotton is grown without use of harmful chemicals & pesticides, etc as such it is completely natural and free of chemicals. Even during fabric and finishing stages, special treatment is given to these fabrics to retain the organic character by using environment friendly chemicals. The colours are deeper and nicer and the fabric feel is amazing!!!
The finishing machine used for this finish is one of its kinds. It gives a special finish to the fabric, soft to feel & better to handle. The character or drape of the fabric gives a better lusture and sheen to the fabric. The colors are embedded deeper, as the denim fades naturally it gives an excellent depth to the fabric color. The process is innovative & requires special chemicals & expertise for finishing the fabric.
Molecular finish is a high blend and combination of chemicals & colors whereby it gives a very fine coat on the fabric. The finish penetrates deep in the fabric, deep to the molecular level, to give the fabric a new look.