Malwa made a foray into Denimise decades ago in 1997. Since then, there has been no looking back and Malwa's presence in denims has gone from strength to strength. Being situated in the heart of the cotton producing belt in India, Malwa has access to a consistent and uninterrupted supply of best quality raw material thereby ensuring finest cotton Denim fabrics to its valued customers. In sync with the emerging trends in Denim, Malwa's in-house Design team works closely with leading International Design Consultants to come out with an array of breathtaking designs & finishes for every season.

Through its state-of-the-art Denim Plant in India , Malwa rolls out premium and basic denim fabrics employing a variety of yarn fibers and specilised color chemicals.

From classical to contemporary, basic twills to differentiated weaves, cross-hatches to stripes and from vintage to raw, Malwa belts out a staggering range of denims through clever variations that are sometimes pronounced and sometimes subtle ; each variation distinct & different from the other and unique in its own right. Add to this Malwa's vast repertoire of advanced wash effects & finishes and you step into a world of infinite possibilities to choose from. Malwa's certifications and registrations with BCI, Oeho Tex and host of other social-impact programs alongwith the strict use of only environmentally friendly chemicals and prodecures makes Malwa Denim ecology concesous and sustainable.